Positive Parenting - A Division of Human Service Support Systems, LLC.
Intensive In Home Services
Human Service Support Systems, LLC provides intensive in home parent training services in partnership with private and state agencies whose clients are associated with children's and/or  mental health services.  Our staff work directly with agency teams to include psychiatrists, therapists,  individual care coordinators and education staff to develop effective strategies to ensure positive outcomes for children and their families.
Our staff  secure all necessary clearances required by the state or funding source of any contracting agency, to include criminal background investigations and drug testing.
**Our staff and parenting program have been approved by the NY Office of Mental Health Services and as a New Jersey Division of Youth and Families Services Foster and Adoptive Services Parent Resource.
Our Intensive In Home consultants  have completed New Jersey40 Hour Domestic Violence training and NY Office of Mental Health 14 C.A.R.A.T. training and are certified by Boys Town of Omaha and the Teaching Family Model.
For further information please contact parenting@humanservicesupport.com
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