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Positive Parenting
(a division of Human Service Support Systems, LLC.)
Private Parent Coaching
Consultation Services
  • Gain Cooperation Without Yelling
  • End Tantrums Forever
  • Stop Arguing With Your Spouse Over The Kids
  • Communicate With Teens
Don’t Do It Alone  - Personalized Help Is Here
Personalized parent coaching is a tool that can enrich you and your family by providing techniques and training that give your family every edge required to meet challenges, work on specific problem areas, and remove barriers that get in the way of establishing relationships and instilling your family’s values.
What Parents Say...
“....The difference this program has made in our lives is tremendous. We are a happier and stronger family... I’m proud of myself, and my family, for taking control over our lives and making changes.P.S. Kinnelon, NJ
.... My therapist recommended that we use this program as a way to achieve better compliance from my children so it would be easier for me to meet my personal goals…this solved so much more than I expected.”L.R. Madison, NJ
.... Our lives are much easier and we and the children will be much better people because of this program.” B.D. Oak Ridge, NJ
"…. It has stopped my yelling, I hardly ever yell. I’d say [my family and I] conquered the biggest problem in our house. It has truly changed our lives.” C.G. Morristown, NJ
How Does It Work?
First, an assessment is made of your particular family’s needs. We then identify the specific issues of concern and develop a step-by-step plan to ensure success in making the changes you desire.  Finally, follow up contact is provided to adjust and fine-tune the strategies developed.
Please contact for rates and availability of this service.
Positive Parenting is Recognized by the Division of Youth and Family Services for Pre-School Licensing Requirement training hours and as a Foster and Adoptive Services Resource Provider.
How To Begin?
To make an appointment or to obtain additional information please call us at: (973) 853-5500 or
Fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 
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