Positive Parenting - A Division of Human Service Support Systems, LLC.
Positive Parenting
Child and Mental Health Services Professionals Training

This 16 hour training offers an intensive learning experience about how to teach and model the central concepts of the Positive Parenting curriculum within your organization, agency, or school. The training covers the basic organization and core concepts of the Positive Parenting curriculum. It also emphasizes the skills needed to become an effective teacher and resource person for the parents of your clients, offering frequent opportunities for practice.

Focus is placed on helping professionals teach parents how to exemplify their teaching abilities and model the core concepts of the Positive Parenting program.  Skills include: 
-Improving the parents’ belief in their own of competency as a parent and teacher
-Increasing parent’s level of satisfaction as a parent
-Providing the parent with the knowledge and understanding of effective child management strategies, and
-Improving the relationship between parent and child

About The Trainer:
Tom Palermo, our Executive Director, has provided trainings for the United States Army, New Jersey Department of Human Services, the Office of Mental Health Services, NYC Administartion for Children's Services, New Jersey Governors Council of Municipal Alliances, state and county court systems, non-profits, school systems, private schools, municipalities and corporations. You will find additional information about our trainers in the Biographies section.
Registration and Materials Fees:
 Please contact our office to determine current cost schedule at parenting@humanservicesupport.com

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